Frequently asked questions

Do You Repair Samsung Broken Screens ?

Yes We Do .

What Other Makes Do You Repair?

We Repair These Brands Below:- Apple Htc LG Sony Google Xiaomi Nokia And many More.

Do I Need To Backup My Data Before i Go For Repair?

No! You Dont. We Dont Wipe Any Data During Repair If Necessary.

How Long Does It Take To Repair My Screen ?

We Provide Same Day Repair Service For Almost On Any Screen Repairs.

I Am Travelling Abroad Do I Need To Unlock My Phone ?

Yes Indeed, Mostly Phones Are locked to One Certain Network to Use Their Sim Card Only. To Use Foreign Sim Cards Into Your Phone, Your Phone Has to Be Unlocked .

My Phone Is Locked What Can I Do Now ?

Bring your Phone to Us And let Us Do Our Job. We Can Remove if its Locked With Pin, Or You Forgot Your Passowrd, Or If Its Locked By Different Provider. We Can Unlock it to Use On Any Networks.

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